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Slides for the course you may have just attended.  Chances are they are password protected. Click on the link, enter the password and voila, your slides

Understand & Explain Pain South Africa 2012

The Brain, Mind and Body in Chronic Pelvic Pain.  APTA Section on Women’s Health, Portland , USA October 2012

Synergy. Tuesday October 16th

Kaiser Fellows Programme Wednesday – Thursday October 17 – 18


  1. Daniel Lawrence says:

    Hello Lorimer, I attended your talk at King’s University in London back on 14th May 2012. I am going through the course notes and keep getting stuck on slides describing outcomes and inferences to be drawn from accuracy and and response time. Particularly the first in each series looking at (Accuracy) Affected = healthy 2.5s. A steer on any published data that might help to explain these slides, or a quick summary from you would be much appreciated.

    Really enjoyed your presentation.


  2. Hi Daniel – your best bet might be to have a look at the graded motor imagery handbook that’s just out. (I should add that BiM doesn’t receive anything from the book so not trying to do a hard sell here!).
    Lorimer mentioned that might have some answers for you.


  3. Hey Adelaide and UniSA, I was present to see Lorimer “Do It In a Dress”!! Unforgettable! …not just the dress but a great weekend. Gerald the giraffe would be proud.


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