Bring on the Pain Revolution!

When it comes to health, rural communities take more than their fair share of the burden of disease and disability. Chronic pain is no exception to this rule – stats would suggest that these problems are bigger in rural communities than they are in the cities. The prevalence of persistent disabling pain, pain-related opioid dependency and … [Read more...]

Run 2 Paradise

My name is Michael, I work in the IT Department  at Neuoscience Research Australia (NeuRA). Very soon, on the 23rd of June, I will be leaving from the front entrance of NeuRA to run 900km in order to reach my destination at Surfer's Paradise, Queensland. I'll be running for 14 days straight, roughly 60km/day. I'm doing this all to promote … [Read more...]

Ride for Pain at your place – photos and movies are here

All those fabulous people who did Ride for Pain at your place! have completed their rides and  those who could sent their photos and movies in.  Click on the gallery pics and they get bigger.  In no particular order here are.... The Norse Vikings - Norway httpv:// More pics here and for you keenies click on the picture … [Read more...]

Riding for pain with a Viking Spirit

On what looks like a very fresh Danish weekend, some fearsome warriors put on their Ride for Pain jerseys and took on the elements. Watch the day unfold in the latest Danish entry for the Cannes short-film awards, in the 'Raising awareness of the world's most burdensome health issue' category. httpv:// … [Read more...]

The Danes are showing up the rest of us!!

The Danes have made a good claim for the nation most interested in solving the problem of chronic pain! Led by their noble and energetic super-pain guy, Mr Morten Hogh, 20 righteous campaigners will slip into a very stylish Ride for Pain jersey and Get moving for chronic pain research, in UniSA's Ride for Pain at your place!  I would have expected … [Read more...]

Ride for Pain At Your Place!

GET MOVING FOR CHRONIC PAIN RESEARCH!  In conjunction with UniSA's Ride for Pain, and PainAdelaide 2013, we are giving YOU ALL the opportunity to GET INVOLVED. If you can’t make it to Adelaide in April, Ride for Pain anyway, by taking part in Ride for Pain at your place!  Simply register here. It will cost you AUD$70. We will send you your very … [Read more...]

BiM in Review 2012

It’s that time of year again. Up here on the top of the world in Australia, we are getting ready for a month of sand, surf, BBQ’s and belly laughs - the whole country goes on holidays for a few weeks. So, it is a great time to look back on 2012 and look forward to 2013. Here are some highlights and a brief peek into the looking glass for next … [Read more...]

PainAdelaide 2013 logo winners announced

Thanks to all of you who submitted designs for the logo for PainAdelaide. We will kick off the new initiative of pain researchers at Adelaide's three universities with the inaugural PainAdelaide meeting. We wanted the logo to reflect the three universities (Flinders, Adelaide and UniSA) and the idea that by working together we will promote quicker … [Read more...]

PainAdelaide 2013 – Design the logo!

Adelaide is a Festival City - the Adelaide Festival of Arts and the Fringe Festival, though February & March, are internationally renowned as among the world's best; WOMADelaide - the World of Music, Arts & Dance - attracts 85,000 people in four days; the Comeout Festival is Australia's premier festival of contemporary art, performance and … [Read more...]

Donate now to make Lorimer do it in a dress!

Always wanted to see a Keynote Speaker do something outrageous? Do you think Lorimer would look fetching in a school dress?  Now you have the chance to see both these things - donate here now. So, how on earth did Lorimer find himself in this situation? Here is, as they say in marketing parlance, the 'back story'. Last week was Research … [Read more...]