James Kerr on the Didge

James Kerr on the Didge: James has finished up at BiM and is on his way to Germany. He has an extra trick in his bag for when the Euro are tight..... httpvh://youtu.be/druV_aEwBUo … [Read more...]

Media Release: Ride to raise awareness for chronic pain

Adelaide’s recreational cyclists are being urged to help raise awareness about chronic pain by joining the University of South Australia’s Ride for Pain on Sunday April 29.  The ride, which includes an option for cyclists to conquer the notoriously painful Corkscrew Road in the Adelaide Hills, is the brainchild of UniSA’s Professor of Clinical … [Read more...]

Poles support WW2 veteran in trial

I made up the above title to highlight a small recurring problem in how media frequently portrays science: less than accurately! Especially in the headlines! Who would have thought that my headline actually spoke of a WW2 veteran who used crutches while taking part in a randomised controlled trial? Why am I writing this? The Telegraph! This … [Read more...]

Get moving for chronic pain research

WOO HOOOO!  You can register for the most important cycling event of the year - UniSA's Ride for Pain. April 29th (the Sunday directly after the NOI2012 conference). There is something for everyone -  a choice of the easy 35km on the flat, the 45km into the hills, or for the more serious - a 100km through the Adelaide Hills. Feast on some of … [Read more...]

Limericks about pain and practice. You choose the winner.

A little while ago I was fortunate enough to meet with a bunch of (mainly) Californians in a lovely Jacaranda-laden Campus of St Mary's College, LA.  There was a competition, the prize of which was not insubstantial - about 300 bucks worth of free seminars.  The contest? To write a limerick about the two days we had just spent doing 'Current … [Read more...]

To tweet or not tweet unpublished data

is a question that came up after a recent seminar where unpublished research was being presented.  It's the sort of thing that makes researchers turn pale and sweat - unpublished data has to stay unpublished for research papers to be accepted by journals like Pain, yet with smart phones like the iPhone it's very easy to share pictures of slides … [Read more...]

Left or Right Brain Game

I reckon that all great scientific discoveries are judged on two criteria: firstly the idea must be truly original and useful to human-kind and secondly it must permeate into popular culture. I’ll cite two examples: (1) Gravity not only bruised Newton’s forehead and still keeps us grounded but also provides hours of entertainment to skydivers and … [Read more...]

Its Hardly Brain Surgery

This is an oldy but a real goody.  I must say that I half expect the codfish stare of death every time someone asks me what I do and have been more than tempted to groovy it up a bit with something like 'brain surgery'.  However, this fellow is rather less coy about his line of work.  Check it out - it is predictable but I would suggest, … [Read more...]

Association and Causation and a World Record Experiment to Dissemination

The clinical sciences literature is full of examples of an association between two variables being mistaken for causation.  How many treatments are based on strong evidence that 'this' and 'that' are related with NO evidence that 'this' causes 'that'? It is a fundamental error and can lead to ridiculous conclusions.  That is not the problem I … [Read more...]