Doses and processes in pain management

Amanda Williams

In considering whether we can answer the question of whether there is a dose-response relationship in psychologically-based pain management for chronic pain problems, we need to step back a bit and think about what dose-response means. It’s based on a very simple notion of medication, perhaps of analgesia: that a small dose produces a small effect, … [Read more...]

Good news for chronic nerve pain sufferers…but it could have been better

This post is a republishing of a recent article in The Conversation by Michael Vagg: The announcement on Friday last week that pregabalin (Lyrica) made it onto the Pharmacutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) is a huge relief for sufferers of chronic nerve pain. It also means that the true cost of providing appropriate care to chronic pain sufferers … [Read more...]

His and hers opioids – one size does not fit both

Jon Levine

The American Pain Society held its annual conference in Honolulu this year.  I was fortunate enough to catch some of it. In the theme of blog posts about conference talks, started with our reflections on the NOI congress, this post is about a very interesting and enlightening talk I went to by the very impressive (on many counts) Jon Levine.  There … [Read more...]