Explain Pain Supercharged is here!

After many years of writing, discussing, researching, washing down toasted ham and cheese croissants with copious amounts of coffee, arguing and testing, Lorimer and I have completed a clinical manual for anyone involved in pain treatment – and after all of it we’re still even talking to each other! We’ve been asked over and over for a book … [Read more...]

World Congress on Pain Posters

Scientific conferences usually have a poster section which provide a rich and condensed source of some of the research that is currently being done around the globe. The International Association for the Study of Pain congress in Milan had a huge array, hundreds of new posters every day, ranging from sleep disorders to the genetic determinants of … [Read more...]

What can a patient’s pain tell us about contributing mechanisms?

Ever put down a copy of Explain Pain, or some other highly valuable text, and asked 'So how do I integrate all this stuff when I assess a patient and plan treatment?' You might have felt exasperated after reading yet another article on pain mechanisms, or central sensitisation, or cortical reorganisation, and said to yourself 'yes but how do I know … [Read more...]

The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook: “Thats what I’m talkin’ about!”

I think my 7 year old son knew that if he used this phrase enough it would eventually sneak into a blog post. Well congratulations Lord Adorable SqueakyPants, it has! It has made it in because we are pretty excited that a project we have been working on for some time is almost done - it is at the printing press as we speak.  The Graded Motor … [Read more...]

World Congress on Physical Therapy releases ‘Teaching people about pain’ Symposium

Amsterdam is a wonderful place to go and last year about 5 thousand physiotherapists from all over the world did exactly that - the World Congress on Physiotherapy was a festival de fysio and I for one, had a ball. The official hosting body, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy, has just released many of the topical symposia presentations. … [Read more...]

Lorimer’s public lecture on a cold wet Adelaide evening

The University of South Australia runs these public lectures called the Knowledge Works series. The community here seems to enjoy these lectures and it is, in my view, a terrific thing for the Uni to be doing. What is more, I love the opportunity to get a look at a big room, chock-a-block full with bonafide, card-carrying, members of the … [Read more...]

BiM in Review 2010

In reviewing 2010 for BiM, we wanted to gather together in one place the gems and nuggets that have been written in the last year. A big big THANK YOU to the 40 writers who have taken time out to explain their research and thinking as well as the many readers and commenters to the posts in various places on the interweb - the blog, facebook, … [Read more...]

World Congress on Pain throws up a few gems

I have just been in Montreal for the World Congress on Pain - numerous presentations and about 1600 posters.  It is the posters I really like - can be intimidating but there are always a few gems.  Here is some preliminary work that I thought was interesting and which is relevant to work that our group is aiming to do with Mike Farrel and Kim … [Read more...]

Time to brush up on your acting

We are lucky enough to have three rather clever and certainly friendly med students working on some research studies.  This post is from Rahul - it is about a paper we thought was interesting.  We wonder if there might be something in it for our quest for better treatments.  Here's Rahul- After a nauseating movie-going experience, I find myself … [Read more...]

Five questions you should ask a patient in pain

I recently did a talk for a bunch of GP's. The brief I got was to make the really tough task of assessing someone in pain a little easier - 'Perhaps you could tell them which questions to ask' were the exact words I think. So, here are the slides.  I have tried to make the pretty self explanatory, although Heidi has been trying to get me to do a … [Read more...]